About us

Sakura Bistro, a Japanese gourmet restaurant conveniently located in downtown Oakland in the Pacific Renaissance Plaza. It is a beautiful restaurant with elegant decoration. With nearly 3,800 square feet spacious dining floor and dedicated private VIP room. It is suitable for many types of party gatherings with state of the art audio and video equipment and free WiFi available. The restaurant offers creative Japanese cuisine featuring tapas, sushi, wonderful Sake Bar and wide variety choice of cocktail drinks. Our executive chef has over 30 years of Japanese culinary experience, pursuing the perfect fusion of visual appeals with tasteful results.

Sakura Bistro日本美食餐廳位於奧克蘭市中心繁華地段富興廣場二樓,餐廳藝術裝修格調高雅,近3800英尺的Sakura餐廳寬敞明亮並專設私密VIP包房, 各類Party聚會活動所需的高檔音響、電視投影Wi-Fi等設備一應俱全。

餐廳主打創意日本料理與tapas精緻美食,美輪美奐的Sake Bar為客人提供日本清酒、義大利雞尾酒等多種暢飲選擇。 我們的主廚擁有超過30年的日本美食烹飪經驗, 專注追求創意美味與時尚視覺的完美結合,致力於為灣區顧客帶來與眾不同、賞心悅目的日本美食新選擇。